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About Rio Grandeur

Rio Grandeur pronounced, (Rio Gran-dee-ur) destined for greatness is a lifestyle clothing brand blending French culture and the language of love with a minimalistic American streetwear design. Our mission is to empower the community through words and phrases of affirmation.  We believe that through creative design we can unify our community; bringing together all individuals from various walks of life so they can visualize and fulfill their own destiny. No matter where life has set you, understand that we are all capable and worthy of achieving greatness and living life with purpose, because living life without purpose and meaning is a life not lived!

The concept behind Rio Grandeur is to design clothing that speaks for you. Often times we acknowledge the good in others but lose sight of the great within. A key to remind ourselves that even during our most vulnerable and difficult times, there is always someone who wishes they were where you are. Rio Grandeur wants each individual to find out what makes them unique, important, and great so they can continue to encourage one another, teach the youth, and bring hope to those who may see no light at the end of the tunnel.Therefore, our brand aims to spread peace and love while promoting a positive outlook on life, not just through fashion but also through community outreach, education, media, and the arts.

When you wear our clothing it shows that you not only support the movement but also represent your own purpose. With all things you do, continue on your  path towards greatness!

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